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Webonline ADSL Lines

ADSL Lines

ADSL line is a service which enables you to connect to the internet via your existing Telkom telephone land-line. You may order a Telkom ADSL line service through WebOnline, making it much easier to manage your ADSL line service and ADSL account through a single provider.

Before ordering the ADSL line service you will require a Telkom telephone land-line.

Please keep in mind that although we will do everything we can to ensure a speedy process, the installations are handled solely by Telkom & SAIX.

Account Info: Fast DSL
Faster DSL
Fastest DSL
Setup fee
A once-off setup fee.
R199.00 R199.00 R199.00
Monthly cost
This is the amount you will pay for your account every month.
R159.00 R279.00 R399.00
Payment Methods
These are the payment methods you will be able to make use of to pay your account every month.
Debit Order / Credit Card Debit Order / Credit Card Debit Order / Credit Card
Monthly Service
This is a recurring monthly service. There is a minimum 3 month contract period after which you may cancel with one calendar months notice.
Connection Info:  
Line Speed
The speed that your service will be limited to on this line.
Up To 2Mbps
Up To 4 Mbps
Up To 10Mbps
This is the ADSL line service only, no bandwidth is included with this package.
Not included Not included Not included
Support Info  
Telephonic Support
We offer telephonic support during office hours.
Email Support
We offer email support via a reliable ticket system which tracks all emails sent to us.
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