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This is a big thank you to your support team. Your standard is really above average. I am in fact so impressed that I am going to sign up with you guys in my personal capacity.


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If you are still not sure about making use of Webonline's services, why not read some of the testimonials we have received through the years from our clients?

Testaments from our clients

I would just like to compliment Ian on his client service, I don't think I have ever delt with someone who is as friendly and helpful as what he is!!!! He was very patient with me and helped me sort out my php list and was friendly even after the 20th time of talking to me!


It is difficult to express in words how excellent your support team is. They are on call practically 24/7 and always are willing to go out of their way to help their customers even if their customers have different systems to what they are used to.


I have been hosting my site with Webonline for one year now, and to say the least, you guys are a breath of fresh air in a market polluted with bad service. I am impressed with the fact that every person I have ever spoken to at Webonline (be it Support, Sales or Accounts), have assisted me speedily, professionally and courteously. Because I am a novice to the business of Web Design, I have to approach your company quite often for technical support and advice, and you have always attended to my queries to my utmost satisfaction. Thank you for making my job so much easier. You have certainly exceeded my expectations. Your hosting services are reliable, your service impeccable and your advice invaluable.

Regards, Colette

It is with total amazement that I write this email. Andrew and Norman from your support team had conducted them self with utter professionalism and provided brilliant support to me today. It is just pure joy to have and individual that has skills in what he does. Use it to provide service to customers and that in the customers own language. Thank you guys I hope you get a raise.

Blessings. Danie du Toit

PS - THANK YOU FOR SERVICE EXCELLENCE. Wish I could say that to more people/companies out there.

Cronje Stadler

Thanks, can't you guys buy out and teach them how to run their company properly? I was with them for 8 years and left because they are so useless.


Herewith I would like to commend your accounts department, in particular Anri. They are always helpful and address requests quickly if not immediately. It is a pleasure to do business with them. Your support department is also very efficient.

Willie Maritz

Good day, I've been playing around with some of the plesk setting and stuff that it can do for my site. I've just been on the web statistics on the pleks desktop, and I just want to say that I'm really impressed with the detail of it. It helps me a lot. Thanks again for the great service.

Jaco Moolman

Your service, as always is impeccable and we always boast to our new clients about your support. We are truly impressed at your response time a friendly manner in which you're able to resolve our problems.

Thanks as always, James

I would just like to thank you guys for the tech support I received the passed week. I appreciate your prompt service and is very impressed with the service. Have already recommended webonline to friends.


Thanks! - nice doing business with you guys :)

Jaco Reyneke

I am truly grateful. Your service is excellent. I am amazed at the quick responses I received every time I had a query (sorry if some of them were silly, but this was my first time).

Paul Fourie

This is a big thank you to your support team. Your standard is really above average. I am in fact so impressed that I am going to sign up with you guys in my personal capacity.

Johann North

Without a stable hosting environment, Cape Stay could never have gotten this far, so thank you to everyone at Webonline for the excellent service.

Sue Rutherford

Webonline has taken a giant leap in customer satisfaction "self help" with the introduction of the Plesk Control panel on there hosting options, in a matter of minutes I could create email accounts and setup the mambo server to create my clients website. Thank you Webonline.

Coenie Richards

I really just wanted to thank you and your team for the outstanding work you continue to offer. As a web development company we've only experienced positive feedback from your support staff and they have been very prompt when a new job has been opened by us. You have made very good use of the CALL ME facility through your website and someone always comes back to us. Once again, I really just wanted to say a big thank you and hope it will continue like this for as long as the business is alive.

James van der Hoven

I would just like to thank you for your excellent service over the last year. I've often had queries on several of my account which have been resolved instantly with out delay. I've also found that new services which I apply for are put in place faster than anyone I've ever dealt with. I'd like to make a special mention to Ian at technical support who is extremely helpful at all times and I feel he is defiantly an asset to your business. Thank you and keep up the good service.

Benjamin Carrancho

We just want to thank you for your exceptional excellent service you have given us, and want to specifically thank Wimpie Grobler for his quick response and not only his good service, but the way he handled problems and the fact that he took full responsibility for problems coming to his side and not blaming it on something or someone else like most of the other service providers do. That is great!! We wish more companies in South Africa would follow in your footsteps!! Thank you Wimpie!!

Koos du Preez

We have registered 3x domains with you and I have to commend you on the service that we have received. I have been involved with several ISP's and have to say that your attitude towards SERVICE far surpasses all of them second to none. Thank you for a rarity in this country called "Service Excellence".

Faizel Jacobs

Earlier today I recommended webonline without hesitation to two different people. Your price to service ratio is still unbeatable to my mind, and I continue to be very pleased to be with webonline. Thanks for providing a great service! Best regards


Hi, I have been dealing with WEBONLINE back when it was still SAHost (ing) (more than 2 years) and I am very happy with your Support Team. I have always gotten nearly instantaneous replies to my request (no not the auto-responder...)and have always been helped. Even one time when I made a stupid mistake by using MS Frontpage and deleted the stats folder in the process.... (now I stick with Dreamweaver)  So, all I can say is, Support Team... you are the backbone of your organisation.... Thanks

Jaun Haasbroek

Thank you for a consistently fantastic level of service. www.positivelysa.co.za went live last week and I'm really pleased to let anyone who asks know that WebOnline is our ISP. I've always received quick responses on my e-mails to you. Your billing arrangements are very clear, always on time and pro-active (for instance wrt changes in credit card details). Your setup information is very clear and user-friendly in every respect, and again there has always been support when I've needed it, without attitude or any hint at anything other than it being a pleasure to help. A friend who helped get the site up and running received the required responses to our technical queries from a knowledgeable team who again replied promptly. I have every confidence in having this site hosted by WebOnline and thank you for a really superior level of service. It is a pleasure dealing with you.


You guys make most institutions, companies and banks look like kindergartens. If only all my dealings with the service industry in this country were as hassle free and speedy as yours. Thank you so much for making my Monday morning a better one.


I'm very impressed with you LEVEL of service. By far the best I've encountered thus far. Thanks .... and all the best. Cheers.... Lance


I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company for their swift and excellent service levels! So far, in less than 24 hours I registered a domain, had FTP accounts as well as FrontPage accounts, 2 mail boxes and development set-up. This must be some sort of a record!!!! So, thank you very much for WORLD CLASS service! Now just promise me that you will keep this up, although I am supremely confident that you will, and as result I will enjoy a very long and fruitful business relationship with WebOnline!!! Thank you very very much indeed.


Well done you guys, my previous web hosting company took almost four days what you did in 2 hours. Be sure that I will recommend Webonline to my friends

I knew there was a reason why WebONLINE is the best. Unbelievable response time!! Well done. I will continue to promote you at my clients, colleagues and friends.

Arie Kotze

I wish to thank you for your excellent service you have renedered. Ever since my involvement with websites I found that you were the first, and only, company who have delivered the fastest and most effecient service and replies. Your company was also the first offering a service without any problems! It was the first time I was able to to start a site without having to complain about servers, frontpage extensions, etc. I would like to congratulate you on a great effective business.


Thank you for the prompt response and setup of my order, website and e-mail account. No other company that I've worked with has been so efficient.


Hello..must say that your response extremely quick and efficient. Thank you for the clarification. (You should try dealing with some one like Vodacom...still waiting for a final response some 8 months later!)


Your quality of your support makes it a joy to host a site. Believe me ! I've been with several other ISPs :-)

E Fourie

Webonline Tech support has been very effect & fast & with excellent responce times. We have never regreted moving over to their fast high end servers. I'm sure with such an excellent service webonline will continue to build its customer base. Keep up the Excellent Work.....Kevin (M-Tech Computers Group) webmaster

You guys deliver the most unbelievable service !! :)) Thanks so much!


Your support service is GREAT !


Webonline bied nogsteeds vir my die beste diens op die internet en ek noem dit ook so op ons webblad.


The one thing you guys must understand is that this kind of great service is not what I am used to and could be fatal to the old heart you know. Thank you ever so much

D Knoetze

Last but not least we would like to express our great satisfaction with your server's availability, reliability and speed - even during peak hours. Me and all the others working with me do not regret in any way choosing you as our website's host! And, thank you for keeping all the promises etc. made on your website. At last there's some people that really tries to help their customers.


Can I just say something - as a new user, I cannot believe how quick your response time is, especially judged against the level of help from my previous ISP (and they actually had 24 telephonic online support, but you were lucky if anyone even got back to you).


We have registered a domain with you last week and would like to thank you for all the help and fast reaction we got from your team - it really is nice to work with professional people who take pride in what they do.


I would just like to express my heartfelt appreciation of all the effort you have put into establishing our account precisely the way we wanted it - and for you patience and speedy responses. Please also pass on my thanks to your sales department, who have also responded rapidly and accurately to all requests.

M Russell

Thanx a lot guys !!! Your service is great !!!!

Hendrik V

Just wanting to thank you for your brilliant response time to my queries and endless patience. We are enjoying working together with Webonline and yourself.


Your customer service has been excellent


Thanx for the prompt response. I am quite impressed with your service!

F Marx

Thank you for all your support it has bean excellent, it is good to still find good service like this.

Anton du Plessis

once more I'd like to thank you for your EXCELLENT and PROMPT service. It really is a pleasure doing business with you


Thanks a lot for all your help...you guys have been great!

Gregg Stirton

Thanks for the quick response, it's not often you find support like this I will definitely recommend your service.

Anton Bosch

let me just say how impressed I am at your swift reply. Fantastic service!


your service is great. thanks. keep up the good work


Thanks again for everything. You guys are great!


As stated in my original email, the service has been brilliant, it is not everyday that I have encountered a South African company with such a clear focus on customer service.

Nicolas T

Excellent - your great service still blows me away! Thanks a ton


I have to say, you guys really are brilliant, I have already sent your details through to two people I work with. Service like this is great.


Thanks for the free email, not much comes for free nowadays. As my experience increases, I might make use of the other services offered by WebOnline.


I would like to thank you for this wonderful email service. I previously had a Hotmail account, which wasted a lot of online time by downloading every message, as well as sent messages. When the Hotmail site was busy, it could take up to an hour, just to see who sent me new messages. I decided to try webonline, and I am really glad I did. Now it only takes a few seconds to 'send and receive' and I don't have to synchronize accounts and all those time consuming tasks. Thank you so much.

Clive D

WebOnlines gesture of offering the free pop email service shows that the spirit of the Internet lives on, giving me a little hope for the future (not only of the Internet). The spirit of the Internet in my book is defined as : first you generate goodwill and a human reaction of loyalty and support for you will follow. I will certainly be giving you first option on my own Internet projects and those of my clients by way of mentioning you to them wherever possible.


Thank you so much for helping me in out of a very tight spot. I really appreciate your efforts and your service has been outstanding. I have credited your company on my home page and shall be hosting ALL my sites with you in the future, both my static and dynamic sites. I am currently using a different company for my ASP sites, but I'll give you any new business on that side as I feel you've more than earned my loyalty


That's it for now. I will keep in touch as I have one or two minor queries and may need some assistance once I start uploading my site. So far thanks for the friendly and efficient service.


I would like to compliment you on your timely response and excellent service. I appreciate your willingness and the urgency that you take to reply on requests & queries. It makes my day!! Thank you and keep up your excellent service!


I have been a loyal customer of yours for years now and have great pleasure on recommending you to anyone that I speak to regarding hosting, customer service and ISP issues. Keep up the good work and please pat yourselves on the back. It really is a great pleasure working with you guys and I have seen you grow into a ISP/hosting power house. Good work and a job very well done!!

Rayno Powell

I would like to thank your team for their speedy and informative response to my query on behalf of my mother.This is the best service I have had from any provider. Thank you

Sarah Henrey

I really appreciate your prompt services.  I wish same sort of service from you in future.


I need to compliment your support team, with an extra bouquet to Ian, who went all out to help when my modem gave up the ghost, and had Ledo assist in giving an alternative webmail access. Well done guys, you are truly professional

Barbara Auret

I have had nothing short of admiration for the excellent service from webonline.  With feedback and guidance from accounts, support and possibly others I have reinstated my hosting arrangement with Webonline with total satisfaction. I have nothing negative to say about the service provided by Webonline and will certainly recommend you without any reservation whenever I get asked for advice on hosting or even Internet access.

Andy Tribe

I would like to thank Le Roux, Wimpie and especially Craig for the good EFFICIENT service i have received over the past few days. Very much appreciated!

Dean Heylen

I would like to compliment Le Roux Joubert for his help since I first spoke to him. If it wasn't for all his patience with this "techno pleb" I would not have joined your company. The same goes for Ian Jukes, who I'm sure at times must have been close to laughter, but still assisted me professionally. They are both an asset to your company and I have no reservations in recommending your company to anybody.

Ian Bruwer

I just wanted to let everyone at Webonline know how happy I am with all your services. Thank you for all the support, for promptly answering my calls (even those that come in on the weekend), and for replying to my emails in a timely manner. I also have to thank you for the friendliness I've experienced with everyone I've spoken with as well as their patience. You truly offer one of the best services (if not the best) I've ever experienced. You come highly recommended.

Hulya Balikci

Thanks a lot I appreciate your help have a great day. Your technical assistance is very helpful keep up the good work.

Shawn Bushby

I emailed a question regarding setting up my mail account (PC HDD crashed and has to be redone) and I received very detailed instructions in super fast time from Alicia. Well done


Good day, I would just like to say thank you for great service and a speedy reply.  I managed to setup my e-mail address without any problems.

Mariaan Engelbrecht

I am a small-time customer of WebOnLine, but a very happy customer! In the years I have been associated with W-O-L, I have always been treated with kindness and understanding. (And I am an old Bollie without much Web savvy of understanding!)  Thanks so much to your team.


I would just like to thank your team for their help and super service during
the time that you've been hosting my websites.

In the past I've had trouble with my design of the site
crystalicewebdesign.co.za - and Craig was spot on in helping me sort out my

During last week Zander gave me good advice regarding browser compatibility
with peggyandcatinka.co.za - google chrome is working better now.

Everyone I've dealt with at your company is very helpful, friendly and very
knowledgeable as far as anything IT goes - I've dealt with Anton, Alica (if I
remember correctly :-)), Ian, Zander and Craig and they've all been great.

If I compare the help and service I've gotten from other companies, your
team is definitely worth more than they perhaps know.

Just thought you should know.

Have a great day!

Justine Botha

I wanted to extend my appreciation to your support department for helping us
with a particularly difficult problem with our domain last week. They all
worked very hard to try to resolve the problem, and  although it took nearly
a week, they finally sorted it out!

So a big thank you to all involved!


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