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SA Spammers: Do you recognize these names?

(Staff Writer MyBroadband | 29 November, 2010)

The latest ISPA Hall of Shame is bigger than ever, and contains a few familiar names and many of the regular offenders

The Internet Service Providers' Association of South Africa (ISPA) released its first 'Hall of Shame' report in September 2008, naming and shaming the country's biggest spammers and email address resellers.

"ISPA, as the representative of the vast majority of ISPs in South Africa, is releasing this report to assist South African consumers to effectively manage local unsolicited bulk email (which ISPA terms "spam")," ISPA states on its website.

The latest Spam Hall of Shame report is the largest ever, containing 53 South African spammers and 19 email address resellers. This is up from 38 spammers and 10 address resellers only three months ago.

According to ISPA there is currently significant growth in the generation of local spam, and the following list of spammers bears testament to the deluge of spam in the country.

South African spammers identified in the latest ISPA Spam Hall of Shame Report:

1. Dynamic Seminars
2. New Heights 1268 / Jaco Derksen
3. SA Webs
4. Bridging Finance | Making money with SMS Shortcodes | Bizopp
5. C2IT
6. Creativehearts.co.za
7. AstroTech Training
8. Brain Power
9. Werner van Brakel - GVB Holdings
10. The Convenient Shopper
11. Purdon Enterprises
12. Newsletter-A Remarkably Effective System
13. BPMedia
14. E-mail Marketing
15. Media Online
16. Sunrise Villas
17. Ketler Presentations
18. Timothy - Business Boost e-Marketing Package
19. "Finance Offered"
20. ICDE
21. LegalAdmin Corporate
22. Worldclass Mobile
23. Jonathan Pierce
24. Soccer Stressballs
25. Laser Express
26. Clench-it
27. Trading Point
28. Msunduzi Gifts
29. Corporate Gift Empire
30. Call4Less
31. Property Deals
32. Smokoo
33. The Discovery Invest Leadership Summit
34. HomeBuy
35. What2Cook
36. Pinpoint Marketing and Mailmagic
37. Kaleidoscope Advertising and eMarketing
38. The Peer Group
39. West Coast Properties
40. BetWize
41. Ambronex
42. BeyondRed
43. Surevest
44. The SA Consumer Initiative
45. ElectricityMonitor
46. Tradingrooms 4 SA
47. Getsmarter
48. Asics Foot 2 Pedal Team
49. Twangoo
50. Cafe Vacca Matta Montecasino
51. SportsMail Newsletter
52. Orangeworks Accounting
53. De Point Telecoms

Address resellers identified in the latest ISPA Spam Hall of Shame Report:

1. Mark Tribelhorn
2. Affordable Construction
3. Rain Marketing
4. Peter Van Wyk - Media Online
5. Mandy Simone
6. South African Data, a division of Pinpoint Marketing
7. Timothy Heston
8. Jonathan Schoeman: BP Media & SMSCity
9. Verosha Bisnath
10. South African Data, a division of Pinpoint Marketing
11. ListSA
12. Email Marketing South Africa
13. Web Marketing Today
14. Data Corp SA
15. All Things SA
16. Trevor Jones
17. Trinity Designs
18. DataInc
19. MailMagic

(Original article may be found here : http://mybroadband.co.za/news/internet/16925-Spammers-you-recognize-these-names.html)