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This is a big thank you to your support team. Your standard is really above average. I am in fact so impressed that I am going to sign up with you guys in my personal capacity.


Additional Pricing

Additional Pricing and Information


Please let us know via an email to sales@webonline.biz if there is anything on this page that you find unclear or if you require more information.

Domain Prices: Registration Renewal Normally live in
.com, .net, .biz, .org, .info * R250.00 R225.00 1-36 hours
.co.za R79.00 R79.00 1-8 hours
.co.za (legacy) NA R99.00  
.org.za (legacy) R228.00 No charge 8-24 hours
.org.za R95.00 R95.00 1-8 hours
.za.net, za.org (legacy) No charge No charge 14 days - 3 months
.co.uk, .org.uk * R200.00 R175.00 1-36 hours
* Please note that these prices are subject to change without notice due to Rand / Dollar exchange rate.
Excess Usage:    
Additional disk space * 10 MB block R20.00
Additional disk space 1 MB block R1.50
Additional MS SQL database disk space 20 MB block R45.00
Additional bandwidth - (SA servers)   R0.19 - R0.09 per MB
Additional bandwidth - (US servers)   R0.01 per MB
Additional Domain Services:    
Declined transfer requests (Away)   R75.00
SSL certificate hosting   R175.00 pm
Dedicated IP address   R100.00 pm
SSL certificate - Domain Validated   R 149.00 per year
Hourly labour rate - (Office Hours)   R350.00
Hourly labour rate - (After Hours)   R525.00
Delisting of IP address from DNSBL   R450.00 per hour - (Due to client abuse / weak passwords / compromised sties)
Account Alterations:    
Account migration (Downgrade)   R200.00
Platform migration   R200.00
Uniforum or any other NIC alterations   R150.00

* These costs are not applicable to hosting signed up after 2004/10/25.

Fax to Email:    
Initial setup   R25.00
First account   R3.50 per month
Additional accounts   R3.50 per month per account
Account alteration   R50.00 once off
Email to Fax:  
Monthly Fee   R15.00
Cost of local faxes   R1.20 per minute
Cost of long-distance *   R2.40 per minute
Account alteration   R50.00 once off
* International faxes will vary according to the destination. For more information about our Fax options click here.
Sundry Fees:    
Hosting Re-activation fee   R250.00 once off
Refund administration fee   R100.00 per refund


Email re-writes to POP3 accounts of the same domain are free. Email re-writes to external email addresses are billed for.

Script Checking:

webonline has to ensure the integrity of our hosting servers, so we insist all scripts that hosting clients would like to upload to their sites be written in an interpreted language, such as Perl, and that they be submitted for integrity checking prior to use. These checks will be performed by our system administrators and charged at an hourly rate. We have endeavoured to provide the most common scripts such as form support, counters and stats analysis for your use.



Amendments to the pricing:

The pricing or structure of hosting options or services may be changed from time to time. The client is responsible for visiting webonline website on a monthly basis, so that the client may be made aware of any changes.