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Fax to Email and Email to Fax

How does Fax to Email work?

We provide you with a fax number that is linked to your email. All faxes that are sent to the number we provide you are automatically forward to your email address in a .pdf file format. e.g. faxes sent to 0866 801 585 are automatically sent to accounts@webonline.biz.


How does Email to Fax work?

You can send a Email to Fax by sending a email from youremail@yourdomain.co.za to @vax.co.za. (eg:27123479224@vax.co.za).
The number must be sent in the international format.

Currently the Email to Fax service will accept the following document formats as attachments:
  1. Microsoft Word Documents (.doc)
  2. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls)
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations (.ppt)
  4. Note Pad (.txt) or any Text Editor
  5. GIF Images (.gif)
  6. TIFF 3 Images (.tif / .tiff)
  7. JPEG Images (.jpg / .jpeg)
  8. BMP Images (.bmp)
  9. PDF Documents (.pdf)
  10. HTML Documents (.htm / .html)

What are the costs?

Fax to Email:
Webonline currently offers one fax number per domain hosted with us (Domain name pointing, parking and DNS hosting are excluded) at R3.50 per month. Every additional fax number a client requires costs an additional R3.50 per month.

Email to Fax:
Webonline currently offers Email to Fax at R15.00 per month with clients paying for each outgoing fax. Local faxes being R1.20 per minute or part thereof and long-distance being R2.40 per minute or part thereof. International faxes will vary according to the destination. Local faxes are faxes sent to numbers within 50 km radius of the fax pops. These POPs are located in: Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Johannesburg (Rosebank).


How will payment be made?

We will add the due amounts to your monthly debit order. Your credit card will automatically be debited should you be paying via credit card on a monthly basis.

I want the Fax to Email or the Email to Fax, what do I need to do?

Simply send a email to support@webonline.biz requesting that they add the service to your domain, include the email address that you would like it to be activated on.