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Email List System

Email List System

Webonline currently offers client's access to an email list system, therefore allowing "bulk email".

How does it work?

Webonline activate the list and provide you with the URL where you can login and manage it on your own. After completing the basic setup you are only minutes away from sending your first mail shot.

Does the List System offer an automatic "unsubscribe" facility?

Yes. The unsubscribe link is placed at the bottom of each mail shot that you send. There is also a link placed at the bottom of the email that allows people to update their preferences.

Does the List System offer a web interface for administration?

Yes. You will have a password protected administration page that will allow you to:
  1. Add email addresses
  2. Remove email addresses
  3. Generate templates
  4. Create multiple mailing lists.
  5. Send your mail shot.

What are the costs?

There is a R175.00 once off setup fee. The costs are calculated by the amount of emails the client would like to be able to send in 1 hour.
  • 1000 Emails per hour service = R155.00 pm,
  • 2000 Emails per hour service = R250.00 pm,
  • 3000 Emails per hour service = R350.00 pm,
  • 4000 Emails per hour service = R450.00 pm,
  • And so on.

What are the restrictions?

There really aren't any restrictions with the new email list system except that you are limited to the amount of email that can be sent per hour.

If you had a list of 3000 email addresses and you made use of the R155.00 per month option then you would have to process the queue three times. When you send your message it will automatically process the first thousand emails. You will then have to log in an hour later to process the next thousand messages and so on till the list is complete.

This service is only available to clients that make use of our "Helium Hosting" option and above.

I want the email list system, what do I need to do?

Simply send a email to support@webonline.biz requesting that they add the list system to your domain.