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Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Hosting

About Billing
Do I get billed for incoming and outgoing traffic?
Do you bill me for the hosting even if my domain is not transferred to you yet?
Yes. You are billed from the day you submit your hosting application.
Do you offer a discount if I don't use all of your services?
Can I pay annually in advance?
How do I pay for my services?
A debit order is run once a month.

About Domain Names
Do you offer free domain name registration on the Smart Hosting option?
May I register my own domain names?
Can you register or transfer a domain name for me?
Can you recommend a registrar?
Are my mailboxes included in my disk space?

About FrontPage
May I use FTP and FrontPage to upload my website?
We recommend that you do NOT use both. Choose one and stick with it.
Will I break my FrontPage server extensions if I use FTP?
Most likely, you will. If you insist on using FTP, never upload or delete any of the _vti_* directories
My FrontPage server extensions stopped functioning. What now?
Send an email to our support team. They will delete the whole site and re-install the FrontPage server extensions. You will then have to publish the site again.
How do I publish my site with FrontPage?
Please see our guides on how to publish with FrontPage 2000/2002 and FrontPage 2003.
  1. FrontPage 2003 explained
  2. FrontPage 2000 explained
Do I have different access details for FrontPage and FTP?
FrontPage continually asks me for my username and password. Why?
More than likely your FrontPage server extensions have been damaged. Please contact our support team.
Is FrontPage server extensions very delicate and temperamental?
Should I use FrontPage?
If you have access to it, you are welcome to use it. FrontPage makes it easy to manage a website.
Will you support the advanced FrontPage 2003 features?
No. Microsoft will not be releasing FrontPage 2003 Server Extensions.
What versions of FrontPage will work with the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions?
To our knowledge, the following clients are compatible:
  1. FrontPage 98
  2. FrontPage 2000
  3. FrontPage 2002
  4. FrontPage 2003 (Without the advanced features)
For more information on publishing with FrontPage see our Quick Guides:
  1. FrontPage 2003 explained
  2. FrontPage 2000 explained

About Resellers
Do resellers qualify for commission on SMART hosting options?
Unfortunately not. You are welcome to resell the option or hosting of a domain on your account at any mark-up of your choosing.
Do you offer discount on the bandwidth?
You are welcome to contact us for a "special price" if you are using more than 15 GIG' s of bandwidth per month.
Do you offer a discount if I don't use all of your services?
It's unfair to build in a support fee for the clients that don't want or need support. That is why we only bill clients that want support.
Can I sign up for support for one month and then cancel the support?
No. There is a minimum support contract of three months.
May I resell my space?
Do you charge me extra for each domain name?
Why are your "Classic" hosting options cheaper than the same package made up on Smart Hosting?
Our classic options are cheaper because of our business model. Some clients don't reach their traffic limits. We lose money on clients that reach their limits, but it is a small percentage of the clients. We work on averages.

About Websites
Please remember that the first file or landing page of your website must be one of the filenames below:
  1. index.html *
  2. index.htm
  3. index.php **
* Preferred for static sites.
** Preferred for PHP sites. Files will also be accessed in the order listed above. This means that if you have both an index.html file and an index.htm file for instance, the content in the index.html file will display first.
Do you monitor the content of my website?
What is your policy surrounding content?
We allow any content as long as you are not breaking a law.
What is your policy surrounding adult content?
We allow any content as long as you are not breaking a law.
What will happen if I host illegal content?
Once the authorities have informed us, we will give them all the assistance they require.